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How LETRAV and the InrVert® System Works | LETRAV

LETRAV is a revolutionary bag using the patented InrVert® system. The simple Zip, Flip, Zip process makes switching between business and adventure easy.

How It Works

Form finally meets function. 

LETRAV manufactures the only bags of their kind. Every convertible bag we make can be both a durable backpack and a stylish briefcase, depending on your mood or situation. Simply unzip, flip the bag, and zip it up again to convert your bag in seconds.

The best part is, all of the bag's contents remain easily accessible no matter what mode it's in, with no need to empty out or rearrange during conversion.

The InrVert® System

Truly the genius within the LETRAV bag lies in the patented InrVert® system!  The zip, flip, zip process that changes your bag from briefcase to backpack is unlike any other. With the InrVert® system, you are able to blend into your environment without emptying contents, moving items, or relocating notebooks, laptops, or other personal items you’d like to keep hidden. This revolutionary system will change the way business men and women go through their day, and InrVert® facilitates keeping a balanced life in an ever-increasingly demanding world. 

With the InrVert system, you can welcome an incognito dimension to your life, allowing you to choose what side you want to show. The possibilities are endless as you use this bag walking alone through city streets, riding the subway or train, spending the day at the office, participating in client meetings, taking a trip to the lake, cycling with friends after work, landing the next big deal, the list goes on and on!  Your bag can now match your mood and meet the many facets of needed functionality depending on your agenda for the day.

The InrVert® system has multiple patents both issued and pending to insure the best InrVert system is selected for your bag, bringing you maximum convenience and pleasure no matter where you are or what you’re doing next.