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The Start of LETRAV Convertible Cases | LETRAV

Custom Homebuilder Bart Bergquist needed a bag that could mix the utility of a backpack with the formailty of a briefcase. Thus the LETRAV bag was born.


As a custom homebuilder and Pacific northwest native, founder Bart Bergquist was drawn to the everyday ruggedness and utility of a backpack - but while his days could involve a hike in the woods or out on a jobsite he could just as easily be in a design meeting or strategizing with investors. What if he could mix the utility of the backpack with the formality of a briefcase?

Thus, the LETRAV bag was born. 

The patented InrVert system allows every LETRAV bag to convert from backpack to briefcase in seconds. Contents are accessible from either side, with no need to remove them during conversion. All LETRAV bags are designed to last a lifetime using premium materials and built to the highest standards.